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48 per axis
Hi, > The new Futaba 6EXA has 241 position digital trims. > > How many positions have the Futaba 6XS non-digital trims? > > What difference does it make? > > banjo
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Mark, You will eventually max out. Sorry, i don't know off hand how many steps the radios have available to the digital trims.

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I have found that if you set the adjustable travel at max (140% on mine) the servos sometimes stop moving before the stick is at full deflection. especially when using mixers and things as well. So tx has no problem telling the servos what to do, it is often limited by how far the servo can turn. So i guess you will find that if you set a lot of trim or subtrim, you will lose some servo travel in that direction. so even when using digital trims i usually set the adjustments up on the servo linkages to save any problems. On my FF8 you can set the amount of travel for each click of trim, so much finer adjustments can be made, useful on pattern models.

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