New Kit from TopFlite!

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It will probably be the same specs as the Top Flite 1/5 Mustang kit; taking the same kit and turning it into an ARF.
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George Ball
From the planes I have seen from them, they do not usually take the same kits and turn them into ARFs. As a matter of fact, none of them I have seen were exactly the same. I can't miagine the larger kits being made in a factory because of their complexity. I suspect that the ARF version will be a lot simpler in construction.
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Paul McIntosh
> Any specs on it yet? > > -- > Normen Strobel >
> >
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> > > A 1/5 scale Giant Mustang ARF! Even cheaper than the World Models kits. > > > > >
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John R. Agnew
That would be great , but I seriously doubt it. If it is the same kit I'm sure the price would be very high. It's probably built in some sweat box overseas somewhere like many other ARF's. I would settle for the same quality as Kyosho but if cheaper then World models I doubt it.
Ken Day .
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Ken Day

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