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Wanna' trade fror one of the HOB P-51 Mustangs of that era. I have one with FG fuse and a couple with the built-up fuse. Would swap you even either of your choice. They are 48" w/span and about 410 sq. inches +/- area.

I/ll be out of touch until next Fri. 9/05 however let me know back channel if interested.

Horrace Cain

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I'll bet Larry Wolfe at Jet Hangar Hobbies can tell you. Welcome to Jet Hangar Hobbies, Inc. Or you could ask on the jets forum on RCU.

How many Yankee dollars do you want for it?


Dennis Le> I've acquired a House of Balsa F-86 Sabre kit with molded fiberglass

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Geoff Sanders

Dennis, I bought one at a swap shop, and didn't examine it closely. When I got it home, I discovered the balsa sheets of the wing ribs to be missing. Is there any way you could trace, or otherwise copy, the rib outlines? I'll be glad to pay you for your time and trouble.

Write me back at

Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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