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Hi Folks,
I am moving to the Salt Lake City, Utah area and I would like to learn a
little more about the clubs with flying fields in the area. I checked out
some of the web sites, but I would like some additional information on the
"style" of flying at each.
I started with CL in 1953 and then moved into early RC with my dad (old
free-flight guy) shortly there after. I no longer fly to compete in any
class or organization. I fly a wide variety of aircraft just for the fun of
moving from a .30 FS size up through a large scale, high-wing model during
the day. For days when I need "depressurization" I kick back in my lawn
chair and fly gliders. I also enjoy glider towing. With the exception of
my "gassers" I fly 4-cycles. I enjoy envolvement in club activities that
make the experience a positive personal hobby, family, and social
experience. I love to organize and cook for both internal club dinners and
"open to the public" promotional BBQs. I am a volunteer flight instructor
and enjoy helping with aircraft construction projects. All of my radios are
on the 6-meter channels.
I would appreciate information from anyone on the newsgroup who is a member
of one of the clubs.
Thanks in advance,
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we're just south of the Salt Lake County line and have quite a few members from SLC. Our field is about 55 by 600 asphalt with large covered pit area and other nice stuff.
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