Shotkey Diode ?

The directions for an electric plane shows a shotkey diode across the
motor terminals. The instructions said the diode makes the ESC operate
more efficiently. I know what a diode is but what is a SHOTKEY diode?
how does it differ from a garden variety diode and how does it help an
ESC operate more efficiently?
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Ed Smega
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Ed, Flightdeck and Mike explained it really well, but I just wanted to warn you not to put it on backwards, it will cause an almost direct short. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the white stripe goes to the positive.
I've been using the Great Planes Electrifly 50 with my Cobalt Zagi with no Shottky for the past couple of weeks. No adverse effects. However after putting one on, I believe that I am getting a slightly longer run time.
If you need one, HobbyTown USA in Strongsville has them in stock.
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Normen Strobel
I posted the same question a while ago and got these same answers of course. Here is a source for the schottky diodes I use on my models.
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B McNeal
Schottky actually...:-)
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The Natural Philosopher
A regular diode is made with a junction of P doped silicon and N doped silicon. A Schottky diode is formed with a junction of metal and Ndoped silicon. You have to get into things like work functions and energy band diagrams to understand the physics, but the result is a lower forward voltage as Mike states.
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Jim Honrer
And they do not saturate the junction, that's why they have a MUCH quicker reverse recovery time.
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David AMA40795 / KC5UH

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