SkyCat What is a better motor setup?

I have a Multiplex SkyCat and the standard Motor/Gearbox setup doesn't seem to have enough power to even get the aircraft off the ground!! This is my

1st electric aircraft and so my knowledge is very limited when it comes to electric flight.

Has any body managed to get this plane to fly with the standard setup?

What's fitted at the moment is a permax 600 with a 3:1 gearbox and a 12 x 8 prop. I've been told that a 600 with 20 windings and gearbox might be enough.

What setup would you recommend?

Thanks for any help.

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What I would recommend is that you buy some LIPO batteries, 3 series, and save weight and up teh power a bit as well. Possibly go down to 11x7 prop as well. Ive run a 3:2 geared 600 on that, and its about right -

22A or so.

The LIPOS will reduce the weight enough and incrase teh powre and efficeincy eneough to fly remarkably well.

Something like Kokam 1500 3s2p is in the ballpark.

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The Natural Philosopher

well i'm very new with planes, but have the guts to call me electric specialist.

With a speed 600 and gearbox it chould fly ! there must be something else wrong. with motor or batt or ESC.

You have not mention how many cells you fly. My plane fly with 7cell speed 600 and direct to a 11x4.5 prop. A have used the same setup with 6 cells (yes only 6)

an other car friend fly a skycat with a geared 12x2 engine sorry dont know the exact setup. First check you electric setup before you buy lipo cells.

PS i hope you are talking of the multiplex skycat

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