still flying??

It seems like so long ago that we got back from Poland (8/5). The
competition was great! I really enjoyed it. Hope to be able to make it
to Sweden, but at this point I don't know. It's a little too early.
We haven't heard anything from AMA about how much we owe. Are they
always slow on getting back to people, or does it mean that we don't owe
them anything?
I'm still working with my instructor. He has a lot of patience since I
(at least to me) seem to be slow on getting the hang of it. I must
admit that I did make it two laps around the pattern last Sunday (my
regular flying day). I felt good about that. We had to stop around
9:30 because the field was getting too busy for training. We had 3
jets, a couple of IMAC guys, a couple of scale flyers, and the usual
sport flyers. All from just 5 spots. The Super Sportster 120 (72" ws,
OS 91, 14-6 prop) is a nice flying plane. It is well behaved in the
air, i.e., it goes where you point it and does what it is supposed to do.
My daughter, Kanani, who is currently in Kissimmee, FL was saying that
she thought it would be nice to live in Maine since it is very pretty
and you don't get hit with many hurricanes. I told her to be sure she
and her husband could find jobs before they try moving anywhere. So
far, they haven't had much damage from the two storms that hit her area.
If you are ever in the Phoenix area, be sure to look us up.
Bruce & Iwona
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