supertigre g34

has anyone used this engine? any comments welcome good or bad this
engine seems to be overlooked by most people tower has a good price
on them right now if they are worth the money
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They are good, solid, reliable engines. They are not considered by many to be in the group of "power elite" engines, such as the Webra .32, but then again, they do not cost the extra $30 of a Webra either. I just bought two of the new Chinese versions for a twin I am assembling.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
I have three of them. I was looking to buy a couple for a Wing Mfg. A-26 kit I bought. I found one on sale at a shop and bought it. I found another on eBay at a good price and bought it too. Then, I saw that one was marked "Hely" and found there are (were) two versions of the Italian-made G34, "Aero" and Hely."
They are both ringed, but the Hely is also ABC construction. So now I had to buy ANOTHER one so I'd have two that matched! :-) I bought another Hely version as the ST documentation shows it is more powerful than the Aero and approximates the output of some .40's while weighing about four ounces less.
It appears the new ST G34 does not have the ABC construction.
What are you planning on putting it in? I'm thinking of a small aerobat I can transport fully assembled.... World Models Ultimate 30 maybe; sort of a full-figured version of my departed and much-loved SIG Ultimate Fun Fly.
Good flying, desmobob (which my spell-checker suggests I change to "disrobe")
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