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Except it ISNT less than a minute. I have a filter file that is getting ridiculous in length. Cant use "War" as a filter because you will miss on topic threads about war birds. The ranters and trolls seem to go out of their way to get around the filters much like the v1agra/r0lex/phd/0nl1ne meds/pen!s enlargers/milf/you name it spammers do. Add up all the filters and there is quite a lot of time invested in the list which must be updated all the time. Ignore Thread doesnt work because some dipshit adds another word or something to get around that. This is BULLSHIT.
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Fubar of The HillPeople
think for a minute. years ago when there was no internet, from where did we get our information? magazines, friends, hobby shops, other modelers. this newsgroup may have been started with the best intentions but in addition to to well meaning modelers (like paul, who i know personally) it also attracts vermin in hordes, people with nothing else to do but vent their views - well beyond the confines of modeling - and it's amusing that there are people who complain about it. the internet is a cesspool of opinions, whether they be presented as rants or apparent rational consideration is irrevlevant. shit served in the nicest restaurtant is still shit.
what really frustrates me is that there are so kids who need help learning the basic skills (and yes, I am a teacher) and there are so many of you who feel that spewing your garbage is somehow an appropriate use of your time. rise above it and do something constructive, or participate in it, and stop complaining that it doesn't conform to your naive view of what you think it ought to be.
how many times has a question been answered without digressing into a pissing contest about who is more right? answer, all the times. this is not about modeling. this is about a lot of guys with nothing else to do but pretend to be modeling gurus, but what you really are are a opinions mongers looking for somewhere to spread your hate.
if you want to talk modeling, go to a moderated forum.
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Paul, while I agree this is not the forum for political debate, I think you do not see how the rest of the world has come to the realisation that the US is no longer one of the goodies. Every night we see on TV the cruel and sensless killing of loyal Iraqui soldiers, the wanton killing of women and children - all for no reason except to please a your President and the majority of a population that sees itself with the right to act agaisnt other countries without decency, justice or rightness.
When we see this happening our anger and disgust can become overwhelming, and when we read of Americans being proud of or defending this senseless slaughter, it is hard not to respond. Decent people all over the world cannot understand how ordinary Americans can enjoy this sort of obsenity.
In the same way as at one time we could not understand how the German and Japanese ordinary citizens could allow their governements to commit such attrocities, the rest of the free world now has those thoughts about the majority of the American people. We thought you guys were just like us - sadly, as shown by your recent election, this is not the case - and so we respond in sorrow.
PaulBK58 wrote:
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Well written, David - but it just doesn't hold water.
There was a real anti-American can of worms here long before we invaded Iraq. Many in this group alluded to a belief we "deserved" 9/11 because of pro-Israeli foreign policy. If we hadn't gone into Iraq, some of the same folks expressing their "indignation" would be condemning us for not doing so. Or for holding elections in November. Or for being located south of Canada. Or for ...
I have a number of friends and even family who love to hate the New York Yankees baseball team "because they win too much". Let's face it, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, smells like a duck, it might well be a duck.
Penis envy, pure and simple.
I find it amazing that you can write "We thought you guys were just like us ...". Who is the "we"? Are your own countrymen involved in Iraq, or do you all speak with one voice?
Let's see if you can actually discuss with some logic a simple question: How does "the wanton killing of women" - make it Iraqi CARE chief Margaret Hassan - "please [our] President and the majority of [our] population"?
You and many others don't care for "foreign troops" anywhere it seems. Okay, the UN (believe it or not) has condemned Syria for maintaining tens of thousands of (uninvited) troops in Lebanon to facilitate Hezbollah terrorist campaigns against Israel. Please, share your outrage against Syria ...
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Dennis Leonhardi
As I said, I think this is not the place for that sort of debate - if you want to continue please suggest a more appropriate forum - I just wanted to explain why some people do engage in debate in this and other non-relevent newsgroups
Dennis Le> an intelligent answer that i disagree with
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The difference is, WE thought you guys were just like us! We have come to find out that you are in a manner of speaking. You have learned how to be money grubbing, greedy SoB's. Just like we've been portrayed for so many years!
Well! We're sick and tired of it. We're fed up with the world coming to the US all the time expecting us to feed them, pay for everything, provide man power for everything and basically be the world police force.
We're going to do what's in our own best interest. If that means stepping on a few toes? Too bad! Why? Because the rest of the world has demonstrated to us that they won't make a move without us! That they're no better than the crooked bazaar hustlers found in every third world country. That they can't be trusted to honor the commitments they make in international unions. That their primary and probably only goal is profit. No matter what treaties, international laws or UN sanctions they have to violate.
Don't like it? Then hitch up your balls and be a man for a change! Clean up your own back yard for once. And then we won't have to and you'll have no one to blame but yourselves! Or is that the real crux of the matter?
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Maybe because this is one place people with the balls to speak out against the Politically Corrupt won't be moderated into oblivion!
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Paul, You are correct.
A bit of checking did confirm that the post was made from the US.
I assume that because the language used, the lack of punctuation and capitalization used in that post would get that teacher fired from every single private school my kids might ever go to. Idiots who cannot communicate without resorting to foul language where there are a wealth of ways to tell someone off seem to crowd the teacher's rolls in public education.
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Political subjects come up in every group.What's worse is the idiots that respond to it.If you just ignore it,it goes to the back pages. If you respond to it,it just stays at the front and aggravates those of us that fly.
School system?: We all know what happened there. Admit it or not.
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