Thunder tiger 46 PRO

Gday all
I have a TT46 PRO that is spitting out heaps of fuel past the front bearing
at full thottle. I am having a very hard time tuning it to run well.Its
about 3 years old and has never caused any problems except yesterday.
I pulled it apart and noticed that there was no gasket in front of the front
bearing as shown in the exploded diagram of the engine with the
manufacturers paperwork.
Should there be a gasket in there or not? Anyone else seen the same thing
with theirs?
It has been a great runner for 3 years so I am thinking that there is no
front gasket put in during manufacture as its the first time its been pulled
The front bearing has a bit of side play which may be causing the fuel leak?
Any tips appreciated.
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There is no gasket in front of the bearing. The bearing is a shielded type and offers no real sealing, only protection against dirt.
The most common cause of excessive leaking out the front is a worn crankcase or crankshaft. This can occur from several causes, the most common are flying in a dirty environment without an air filter, or the crankshaft wearing out the crankcase due to excessive front bearing clearance. It can also be from manufacturing tolerances being too loose (not usually the case with modern engines).
It would be likely that after three years of running, the front bearing has worn a bit. You can stop most of the leaking by replacing the front bearing with a sealed one. Sealed bearings come with a special channeling grease that will last the life of the engine. Your engine takes an R6-2RS front bearing.
-- Paul McIntosh Desert Sky Model Aviation
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Paul McIntosh
It's time to replace the bearings!!
RCFlyr sed that!!
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