Thunder Tiger lazy tiger P-51

could anyone give me info on or point me to reviews for the lazy tiger P-51.
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Many good comments from rec.models.rc.air at =
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and RC universe
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Local fliers comment favourably on the quality, good slow speed characteristics and the ease of flying in small areas.
regards Alan T. Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Links
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I have one with a four stroke Saito .30 with the open rockers. It flys nice but the 30 is a little weak for the way I would like to fly it. A good .25 or .32 two stroke would make it better. It is a slow, flat bottom wing flyer. It is not a 3D or inverted machine.
I bought it to showcase the open rocker engine which it does fine.
Dan Thompson (AMA 32873, EAA 60974, WB4GUK, GROL) remove POST in address for email
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Dan Thompson

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