Too windy to fly, not in the mood for the simulator, indoor heli needs parts... I dragged out the 1/8 nitro buggy! :-)
I bought a cheap ready-to-run buggy a couple of years ago. After I got the
kinks worked out, the thing is a scream.
I think the racing classes for 1/8th buggies require a .21 engine. My buggy
has a 50% larger .30. With an aftermarket tuned pipe, it's a
tire-shredding, dirt-slinging beast. It puts into perspective the amount of
power needed for flight... a .30 size engine with a tuned pipe would be
suitable for a smallish, three or four pound model airplane, right? That
same .30-size engine absolutely overpowers this big, heavy (7.5 lbs.)
all-wheel-drive buggy, allowing unlimited wheelspin at any speed.
I wish I had a track like this in my back yard for windy days...
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It's not feeling very much like Spring yet here in upstate NY. My club has
two more indoor flying sessions scheduled (we fly every other Sunday at a
local armory gymnasium). Maybe the weather will be more agreeable after
Good flying,
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