trailing edge not true... what to do ??

being a beginner I usually do everything at least once with out glue
before doing it in away that i can't go back easily, so when doing the
wing on my PT-60 i see the trailing edge isnt straight (I see this by
putting the aileron up against the TE) and the aileron is pretty much
straight, it appears that the ribs in the middle of the wing are a bit
to long and are pushing the TE further back, the problem with just the
ribs or cuting a deeper groove in the TE is that, right now the TE and
the rib have a smooth shape with the one leading nicely into the other.
the only thing I can think is to try find one rib that fits ~100% and
then mold the bad ones around that one. If any one has any better ideas
or can see any flaws with my approach please let me know A.S.A.P. I
won't be gluing for a while, I'll first do the left wing and see what
happens there so I have a few days to think this threw and get some
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Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:
Take all your ribs and stack them together on a scrap piece spar material. Align all your ribs as close as possible for height (I normally separate the ribs slightly from each other and press them down onto the spar, then slide them back together again ) and put TWO pins through the stack of ribs (one in front of the spar and one in back of the spar ).
Now take the ribs off the spar piece and USING A BLOCK SANDER, "true up" all the edges. Since you appear to be relatively new to building, I suggest 150 - 220 grit paper and LIGHT strokes of the sanding block to true everything up.
After you true everything up (be certain to keep the sanding block at 90 degrees to the surface ), do your trial fit again. Everything will fit perfectly.
Takes a few minutes, but the results are worth it.
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Ted Campanelli
turns out the TE is so warped that it is causing everything to warp, using a straight edge i can see its all straight well 99% but nothing to bad I'm talking 2mm between edges but I'm getting about 2cm with the TE on, so today I discovered Great Planes great warranty all I had to say was that the parts are badly bowed and give the part No.s and now I wait for them to arrive that's it no fuss or arguing and I was on the phone for about 3 min in total so my next plane will probably be a great planes :) unless I really cant find something to fill my needs which i doubt.
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