vacuum bagging wings

Hey guys,
I am vacuum bagging a set of wing using some West Systems epoxy and would
like to know if there is a formula or something that I can use to estimate
how much epoxy to mix up for a given sized wing. If you can tell me how many
ounces to square foot would be great. Any other metric would also be
helpful. If it helps the wings are 3M (121") 948 sq in area.
Thanks for the input.
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I take Advanced Composites in my school for aircraft maintenance and the general rule of thumb is 60:40 by weight. Weigh your wing and multiply by 1.5 to find the resin weight, then figure out your resin/hardener ratio.
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Do as we all do, Make too much ! You can never have enough 'gone off ' resin lying around. He he, sorry ! I'll be interested to see the replies. Ray
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Hah! You might have written that with tongue-in-cheek, but throwing away the excess is a far better idea than, Oh SH......TUFF! I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TO FINISH! And then scrambling around the shop trying to find where you left the hardener. That is worse than having to go pee the moment you start brushing the mix on.
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Casey Wilson
Yes I totally agree. Usually the phone rings. Ray
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