Valve Clearence For Enya 60 4 stroke

I need to have the valves adjusted and don't know what the clearence should be. Any help would be welcomed. Thanks Donald

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From 60-4C instruction booklet

"The normal valve clearance of ENYA 60-4C are 0.05 - 0.10 mm. When the engine is Cold. It is also recommended to check the clearances after first 1/2 - 1 hour of running and then after every two to three hours running. It is important that the adjustment be made when the engine is cold.

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As far as the actual adjusting goes, it?s pretty simple. Just be sure you have the correct tools and don?t force anything. Turn the engine to T.D.C. (top-dead-center) on the compression stroke. I checked all of my engine manuals, and everybody uses two valve clearance numbers as a ?go-no-go? measurement, which means the one thinner feeler gauge should fit quite easily; the larger one shouldn?t. The ?no-go? number is 0.10mm. and is valid for all major brands. Saito uses 0.03mm; O.S. and Y.S. use 0.04mm; Laser and Enya use 0.05mm as the smaller ?go? number.

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Lyman Slack

In case you don't have a metric feeler gauge, that's .002 to .004" in inches.

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