FYI: How they think: (AMA)

What to expect from some candidates for AMA Pres.
AMA Committees:
Tier level flight level achievement program/Training program for members: Bill
Oberdieck, Chairperson; Jack Frost (HQ); and Doug Barry.
IMO: Oberdieck is interested in making more mandates for the clubs to have to
answer to. Note that no other EC members are on this comm.
Safety Practice enforcement: Investigate methods to enforce reasonable safety
practice on part of the members. Dave Brown, Chairperson; Jay Mealy (HQ); Felix
Gora; and Larry Johnson.

IMO: DB still is interested in *Shove it down their throats* "Enforce
...on....members." Note that no other EC members are on this comm.
The remaining choice is Dave Mathewson who has stated that "Mandate" is not a
word that he likes.
Stay free. Elect a president that prefers personal freedom.
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Gee Horrace! How do we know you didn't simply create these "comms"? After all, your love for the current regime and B.O. is well documented and looking at this, you could have simply created it in a text file and posted it! How about some headers for these so called "comms" to back up your story?
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AMA members can know by going to the Members only section and looking under Committees.
formatting link
/ anonymous posters don't have a need to know! -- Red Scholefield AMA 951 Dist. V Leader Member/CD
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Red Scholefield
Ha Ha! As Red informed you, so are the 'comms' well documented.
Oh well, COJ, you let your enthusiasm for the *attack* to expose your flanks. Your basic strategic stupidity is well revealed. Documented Committees are displayed along with IMO, which as most understand, is "In my opinion." That opinion, I am entitled to and no one else is forced into paying any attention to it.
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So I see! Now that I know where to look. Thanks to Red. Would have been nice had you mentioned that in your original post for the less informed. After all, not everyone has the time on their hands to scope out the enemy like you do!
You're right! That's your opinion and we all know about those! And you're right again, I'm not forced to pay attention to you. So I won't!
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Jesus Christ you're a stupid fuck.
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Warren, I know it is tedious and I agree that it is a waste, but YOUR comments are really not aimed at doing anything but proving negative things about you. I suggest you go into the bathroom, look into the mirror, and read what you have said. After you have realized how well it fits you, learn better ways to tell folks to go pound sand.
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Gee! You're the one resorting to profanity and I'm supposed to be the stupid one?
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Mr. Jones, meet Warren.......
Warren, I see you already know Mr. Jones.....
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Bill Fulmer
You know, if this is the best you people can come up with! It's no wonder the AMA is as screwed up as it is.
Lead on oh mighty mouths! Lead on!
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