Wanted: Fox Eagle .60 Muffler

This is an old cross flow, loop scavenged Eagle with a baffle on the piston.

I just bought a cherry looking one from an eBay seller. It has the silvery finish and the anodized black thrust doohickey that my original lacked.

The muffler bolt lugs are on the top and bottom of the muffler, instead of on the ends. Closed front mufflers only.

Also, Duke Fox made a high compression head (low nitro) for this engine with the glow plug located in the center, instead of off set as in the stock head. I'm looking for one of these too.

Thanks for reading the wanted ad.

Ed Cregger snipped-for-privacy@homtail.com (reverse the m and the t)

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Ed Cregger
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:) I have a little experience with this engine. It likes to be run rich, with plenty of oil. You're right in using low nitro, too.


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You are thinking of the later Fox's. The early Eagle without any roman numerals was made from about 1970 till the early 80's. It liked nitro unless you use the high compression head Ed refered to. The later Fox mufflers will not fit, though I think you can modify a SuperTigre muffler fro it. I have one with the muffler, and no you cannot have my muffler.

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