What Happened To Model Magic by Dave Patrick?

Does anyone know where to by Model Magic filler? It was always the best -
first by Carl Goldberg then Dave Patrick. My hobby shop and web search
couldn't locate it. Calls to Dave Patrick only got their answering machine.
I know I can get other brands but the don't come close.
If anyone knows where I can buy some - prefer the 'balsa" color please let
me know.
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Howard Leipzig
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Go to your local hardware store and buy some. I found a brand called Red Devil and Lepages also make a light weight filler. It is 1/4 the cost of the stuff at the hobby shop.
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Craig Trickett
I like to use "Famowood", available at Lowes or Home Depot. It is marginally heavier, but sets up harder and sands much smoother. If you use just a small amount, the small increase in weight doesn't make any difference. I think you'll like it. Any time you buy an item like this at a hobby shop you pay through you know what! Tom J.
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tom johnston

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