Whitman Flyers R/c Swap Meet 11/20/05 Melville Ny

W-h-i-t-m-a-n- -F-l-y-e-r-s- -R-/-C- -S-w-a-p- -M-e-e-t- --
-C-a-m-e-l-o-t- -H-a-l-l- -5-8-5- -B-r-o-a-d-h-o-l-l-o-w- -R-o-a-d-
-(-R-o-u-t-e- -1-1-0-)- --
-M-e-l-v-i-l-l-e-,- -N-Y- -1-1-7-4-7- --
-[-S-u-n-d-a-y- -N-O-V-.- -2-0-,- -2-0-0-5- -f-r-o-m- -9-a-m- -?-
-3-p-m- - For more information and updates go to
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Admission $3 per person Children under the age of 12 are free
Come join us for a great day of buying and selling. There will also be
manufacturers and hobby shops at the show with GREAT DEALS!!! Raffle
prizes including R/C radio systems, airplane kits and more. There will
be over 70 8-foot tables. Here are some of the vendors who are
attending our show this year. Kangke Industries
NoBS Batteries
Wildman Graphics
Bruckner Hobbies
Fantasia Hobbies
JR Hobby Hardware
MPI Cermark East
RJL Control Systems
S&W Fuel/Hobby Supply
Enkay Hobby Products
The building is located on the EAST side of Route 110. From the LIE 495
take exit 49 South (Route 110 South/AMITYVILLE), From Northern State
Parkway take exit 40 South and go about 2.5 miles south on Rte 110),
and the Southern State Parkway take exit for Route 110 North and go
about 2.7 miles north on Rte 110). You will see large signs posted to
keep you on the right path. Located Approximately 30 miles east of the
New York City.
Prices: Wall tables $20 each Aisle tables $16 each 1 Free admission per
table **Please note aisle tables will have access by buyers from one
side only so you can watch your tables easier**
WHITMAN FLYERS PHONE NUMBER ________________________________
P.O. BOX 1273 NUMBER OF TABLES : WALL ___________X $20=_______
MELVILLE, NY 11747 AISLE ___________ X $16=_______
**Call for table availability (631) 427-2848 5pm ? 9pm**
Email snipped-for-privacy@YAHOO.COM
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