ACAD 2008 / 2000 - stairs railing 3D - urgent

How to draw stairs railing in 3D mode?
Here is what stairs im talking about:
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Thnx in advance
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Architectural Desktop. Sorry for the smart answer - I couldn't resist.
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George P
Create the different shaped steps as 3d objects. Either an extruded rectangle or quadrant.
As for the railings, just extrude a circle to the correct height.
Then join them all together in the order you want.
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I take it that's your model and you want to put a balustrade on top of those banisters?
I would make a 3dpolyline, snap to the tops of the banisters, PEDIT then Spline the poly, once you spline you will have a spiral shape but it will no longer be snapped to the railings, so then I would put the drawing in plan view, select the grips of the 3d poly and move them so the curve passes over the center of the railings, should be fairly quick and easy to do. then sweep or extrude along path.
or, as suggested, get architectural desktop :P
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Remo Shiva
Acad 2008 has new perfect tool SWEAP. Its just for it. Thnx 4 help.
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