- Announcing a New FREE Email discussion list for misc. iron detailing -

- Announcing a New FREE Email discussion list for misc. iron detailing

The MiscIron-Detail list is a FREE email based Yahoo forum for general
discussions related to the misc. iron detailer's occupation.
This discussion list is dedicated to the Miscellaneous Iron Detailer.
The list is for general discussions related to the business of
producing shop drawings for the Miscellaneous Metals Industry. Some of
the people subscribed to this list are misc iron detailers, chief
draftsmen, steel fabricators, steel erectors, blacksmiths,
ironworkers, colleges, software developers, architects, engineers, cad
managers &; operators, estimators, project managers, purchasers,
students, etc. The topics of discussions can range from detailing by
hand, computers or automated steel detailing programs and other topics
can be about drafting, mathematics, computers, fabricating, erecting,
estimating and field measuring
We're a dying breed much more than the structural steel detailer. You
can learn structural steel detailing in college; but you can't learn
miscellaneous iron detailing anywhere except on the job and that was
where and how I learned this business.
The forum has FREE charts, shop drawing templates, graph pads, forms
and so much more for all to share. You can upload files to share with
other colleagues and upload pictures of your best work. You can
conduct polls and chat with other misc. iron detailers all over the
world. We also have a contractor's register for advertising yourself
or your company and a bunch of other Misc. iron related links. The
database section has free listings for industry contacts, help wanted
& situations wanted and a buy lines listing.

Please join me and others from all over the world to this unique list.

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P.S.: We have over 300 members in several months. AISC, TEKLA,
Prosteel 3D, Detail Cad, Steelware, Steel Logic, FabCad and 3 colleges
already are members. Please pass the word out. It's a great way to
meet people in the business and learn about the new programs for
detailing miscellaneous iron. Just ask a question and you'll have
people all over the world willing to give their advice.
Edward Borg
List owner
Precision Drafting LLC
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