anybody have a library/program of nuts & bolts?

I have a nice little program that inserts standard steel shapes (steel mill)
but it doesn't do nuts & bolts.
Anybody have one that they'd like to share?
Best regards
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Go to Cadalyst
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Registration is free and there is TONS of code, try this one below
Fast fasteners by Al Rogers, p.56 FAST.LSP creates different types of fasteners in 2D (top or side views) or 3D (solids) using English or metric standards.
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Brian Spillane
Is the Steel Mill program you are using the one by Al Rodgers? I am using his from Cadalyst site as well.
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Brian Spillane
Jeez! What's the point of all that registration information? Only thing left out is the colour of the kitchen wallpaper.
No thanks. Not worth the danger, despite the claims from the web site that 'everything is confidential'!!
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B. W. Salt.
Check out Chris Watts website at
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You will not be dissapointed.
"B. W. Salt." wrote:
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Igor Mironenko
LMAO.........good one! The nic is the topper., where are those paper towels.
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