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How are you "switching back to the main layout"? The commands MS and PS
should take you to model space (inside the viewport) and out to paper space
(Layout), respectively. If this doesn't work, then perhaps the viewport is
Locked, in which case you can use the MVIEW command to unlock it.

> I create a viewport in paper space, and it lets me pan and
> zoom the model space within the new viewport.
> When I'm finished, I switch back
> to the main layout, and I can no loger get back to the
> viewport to pan and zoom in model space.
> What am I missing ?
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Paul Turvill
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Type MS or double-click inside the viewport to make it active. ___
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Paul Turvill
Double click won't help either.
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Jim Z
Dont know if this would help, while in model space you use Ctrl-R to toggle between viewports
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shaun Lawler
What about MS ? It sounds more an more like you've somehow locked the viewport. ___
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Paul Turvill
Sounds Like viewport is locked. tag viewport in paperspace right click and go into properties> misc> "display locked" then unlock viewport there. Jim
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Jim Williams
Thanks for the reply.
The viewport is not locked.
I've got to be missing something real basic.
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Jim Z
Do you maybe have one more viewport than you think? Maybe you think you're going into one, but actually going into a different one, giving the appearance of the viewport not actually moving.
It's quite easy to accidently duplicate objects by grip editing, if you're not paying full attention to what keystrokes you're making.
Jim Z wrote:
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