Are LCD screens any good for CADD?

Is this technology up to the task of accurately displaying CADD drawings? May some LCDs be better than others?

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I use one and find it acceptable. The only hinderance was when the text editor box would come up. The letters, if not an arial based font, would not be clearly visible. Somehow, for reasons I don't quite know, my text editor fond became arial and the problem has been cured. I believe it has to do with Tools>Options>Files> and the font and alternate font settings. Hope this helps.

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You monitor may not be to blame for that. I have the same problem on my CRT, but I can't change the font because of the standards I have to use... Any suggestions out there?

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Are you using XP or 2000 by any chance? (Might apply to other OS's as well). By default (I think) windows renders founds using antialiasing, smoothing the appearance of fonts. This works fine with fonts that have an actual thickness (such as arial), But works horribly with line fonts. This can be turned off.

Under XP is under Control Panel->System->Advance->Performance->Settings->Visual Effects->Smooth edges of screen fonts.


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Tim Arheit

Yessssssssssssssss!! Thank you, Tim! I have been annoyed by that for months now.


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B Plaster

I find that, for some reason recently, the font in my text view changed to Arial, from romans. I still get romans or whatever I"m using in the drawing, but the editor uses arial. Arial shows up much better. Not sure how I did that.

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Your a god for solving this one for me.



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