AutoCAD LT 2004 - How to change units in the Coordinate System?

For the bottom left X,Y coordinates, I want to change them from inches to milimeters. How do I do this? Thanks in advanced for your help

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Units in acad are really neutral 'cartesian' units which are "converted" to other units systems for coordinate entry or annotation purposes.

DDUNITS used to get you to the dialog that sets your units and accuracy. Maybe that still works. There is probably a menu item if you are using vanilla menu that's called "units" or somesuch.....

If you've already drawn things under one system and NOW want to change systems, don't expect acad to know to treat these things as if they had "real" dimensions. One meter could convert to one inch, and you may have to rescale your drawings, as well as make other changes to dimensions and text styles, not to mention system variables.

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Michael Bulatovich

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