Letter case difficulty

When entering text via m-text all letters are capitalized. This occurs with
all defined text styles and with "caps lock" on or off. I can insert lower
case letters only by depressing the shift key. This does not happen with
d-text or with any other software program. Is this controlled by a system
variable or am I just "lucky" and have a software glitch?
ADT 2006
WindowsXP Home
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S. Scalise
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Solved the problem. Thanks in advance to those who would have helped.
The 'Text Formatting' dialog box pops up when you edit or create new multiline text. Over on the right hand side of that box is a circle with an arrow inside. Clicking on that circle will drop down a menu. On that menu there is an option called AutoCAPS. When this function is checked, all new text will appear only in capital letters.
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S. Scalise

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