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I have signed up for some AutoCAD classes that start in a few months.
Is it possible (I think we're using AutoCAD 2006, but at least 2004) to
model a number of models "to scale" (as in, define that this particular
model is a car and is 15 feet long, etc), and then open a new drawing and
'drop in' numerous models that you've drawn previously?
And have them appear 'to scale' with each other?
So, if I model a parking lot, cars, and a lamp, when I bring them all into
the same drawing, they're all proportional to each other?
Thanking you
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IMO it is best to draw everything full size i.e. 1:1. Use paperspace to zoom as required.
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If all the sdrawing are at a scale of 1:1 then thats no problem. But unfortunately not everyone draws at 1:1. And some people draw at 1:1 but using metres (like building/site surveying firms for some stupid reason) and some people (like most of the UK) draw in mm. So when you put in a car that has been drawn in metres into a drawing that has its units set as mm the car will apear far too small. You will have to scale it up by 1000. Thats a problem I find all the time with surveying drawings. Usually you can tell what units they have been drawn with but not always.
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When you set up your units you can specify meters, inches, miles, etc. as your drawing unit.
This then get saved in the drawing and scales appropriately when inserted in another drawing.
Failing that scale the block by the conversion from one to another (i.e. divide by 25.4 to go from inches to mm)
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Daniel J. Ellis

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