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This may be a very simple question but...

We have a number of drawings from 3rd parties that have different unit setups. For example, in one drawing 1 unit = 1 meter, in another 1 unit = 1 mm, in another, 1 unit = 1 micron...

We use the ID and DIST commands a lot in AutoCAD 2007 LT for measuring distances for use in developing some visualisations. It would be much easier if, when using the DIST command, the result was always returned in (say) meters. The UNITS command does not allow this kind of control, and there is no clear way of being able to achieve this without actually rescaling the whole drawing, which is not really what we want to do. Instead, we just want to be able to read/refer to measurements in a more sensible/unified way, rather than having to do in-the-head calculations to divide or multiply by 10/100/1000/1000,000 all the time.

So, is this possible? What is the best/easiest/most efficient way to do this?

Hopefully someone will be able to help?



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Andrew Thelwell
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Customize the functionality in a lisp that translates the DIST output depending on the UNITS setting. One of the greatest thing about acad is the ability to design custom routines for yourself that speed up your work. Anyone who doesn't take advantage of this isn't being nearly as productive as they could be. (I've made dozens of these things over the years. Many only make sense in my protocol, but others are universal. They're on my site.)

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Michael Bulatovich

Hi Andrew

I think the easiest way would be do create a dimension style for each conversion u want to make and in that you can set it up such that it shows you that calculated correct measurement!

Then whenever you want to measure just make that dimension style current and use it. Lemme know if this works out for u!


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First of all, I'd like to distinguish two possible problems.

First is that the drawing itself is drawn with scale factor (case when people who made it aren't competetive in AutoCAD). Then I don't know other solution then scaling the drawing.

Second, as you mentioned, is when drawings have different unit setups. It is easy to change it in Format > Units... and under Insertion Scale to change the value in Units to scale inserted content field. You should just decide wich unit you'd like to be the reference, and set in all drawings the same one. It seems to be the pretty simple procedure (about four mouse clicks) so it's not too annoying to repeat it before opening every single drawing. Such a problem I have when getting drawings from different people, and try to use them in all of mine drawings that are all set in meters.

The point is that the unit you set on the Units to scale inserted content menu actually becomes the mesuring unit witch are the drawing units representing.

Again, the different thing is if there is a problem of drawings drawn already in some specific scale. Namely, the concept should be based on making the drawing in model space using the scale factor 1:1.

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The OP said he doesn't want to go through this process but wants to query the model , regardless of the unit sertup in the drawing, and have the answers always come put in a certain unit system. So far he has a custom lisp solution from me, and a dimension style with scaling factor approach from rutu. Rutu's solution could be up and running in minutes, but isn't quite what the OP said he wanted....mine would take a lisp-novice several days to do.

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Michael Bulatovich

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