2005 "Layout colors"

We are using AC 2005. One of our drawings shows all black lines when in
the Layout mode. Since I created the drawing, the monkey is on my
back to correct it.
My paperspace/layout screen normally shows all lines in the same colors
that show in model space. Except for this one drawing - all of the
colors are black.
What have I done wrong? And how can I un-do it? I looked in the help
section, but I haven't yet found the answer.
Thank you.
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Janice G
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I don't have 2005 to say exactly where this is, but somewhere under the Page Setup for the layout find "Display Plot Styles" and turn it off.
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You are a peach! Thank you for the info - worked like a champ. Now I just have to figure out why I fiddled with that setting in the first place? I'm gonna blame it on "Joe Groney". (College joke)
Thanks again.
Jeff wrote:
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Janice G
Add the attached lisp file to you startup suite then type DPS at Command: prompt to toggle plot style display on/off.
begin 666 plotstyles.lsp M*&1E9G5N(&,Z1%!3("@@+R!L87EO=70I#0H@("AS971Q(&QA>6]U=" H=FQA M+6=E="UA8W1I=F5L87EO=70-"B @(" H=FQA+6=E="UA8W1I=F5D;V-U;65N M=" H=FQA>"UG970M86-A9"UO8FIE8W0I*2DI#0H@("AI9B H97$@.G9L87@M M=')U92 H=FQA+6=E="US:&]W
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