Batch Text change?

Think you've noticed I'm developing a block library ATM.
Had a email from my client this morning saying that he wants all the text
changed from 115, which it is at the moment, to 100.
The library is currently between 600 and 700 files in size (given that this
involves some superseded folders and some presentation/collation sheets) is
there a way I can change this as a batch process without having to open each
individual file?
I have no lisp experience, but have done some (very limited HTML and Visual
Basic) programming in the past so am willing to learn this and should (?)
understand anything required for this.
In the same email he wants all the layer names changed from lower-case to
upper-case. can this be automated/streamlined?
thanks very much,
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Daniel J. Ellis
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It sure can be. Given you at least have some experience with VB I would use VBA rather than LISP to do the task, but It can be accomplished in either language rather easily. I typically use VBA my self because I find it easier and quicker for most things, and simple batch jobs like yours are pretty easy when you don't have to worry about a user interface,etc.
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Tim Arheit
any idea how I might go about doing so?
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Daniel J. Ellis
Write a VBA/VB program to fix just one file. Down' worry about writing it to batch process all the files. Then run the VB/VBA program across all files from a script file (and ASCII text file listing the commands you want run).
If the drawing files are small, you should be able to rip through all 600-700 files within an hour on any reasonable hardware.
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Darren J. Young

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