Best Autodesk Product for Steel Extrusion, or What's the Download Package Called?

Which AutoCAD product is best for design of projects that use steel extrusions? By extrusions I mean angle, channel, I-beam, rectangular tubing, etc. I want to design some utility trailers.

I realize I could use Architectural Desktop, which I have (2006) and I also have AutoCAD 2005, and get the tools for the extrusions as there already are some. In that case, where would you get the download that includes these tools? What's it called?

Here's Autodesk's product page:

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I know I could research this myself, but I'm new to CAD and opinions from experienced users are helpful.

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You have everything there you need just type F1 and follow the links to creating solids.

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For UK steel sections go to:-

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provide section blocks for cad and strength tables for design plus some free tools for structural analysis


Martin Double

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