BIM is it all its cracked up to be?

Hello: My first post but I've been lurking here for awhile,
I've been checking out the Revit program and have some questions.
Will the designers on this list be switching to the BIM Program? Is
the BIM process hindered by upfront programing and data entry needed to
make the conceptual drawings portray the intended design?
Do autodesk users expect, accept and comply with the autodesk tactics
to upgrade and subscribe? Such as the mandatory 2004 upgrade
subscription by 3/15/07. (supporting Link:
formatting link

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Not this one.
In my mind, yes.
That's a diverse group.
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Michael Bulatovich
Revit 9 Review [1]
Yes, I intend to begin using Revit next Spring when my ADT2004 license expires.
Yes, BIM requires a lot of what you call upfront programming and data entry. Actually it is called declarative programming for people who are going to be the push button monkeys and you will be spending a lot of time filling in property sheets and so on.
No, Autoslime customers do not accept being compelled to upgrade software or have to pay for it full price if deciding to upgrade after the deadline but they are doing so anyway.
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