Cracked Bridgeport Right angle milling attachment

I just purchased a used right angle attachment from a local tool dealer for my Bridgeport. He had quite a few Bridgeport brand that had cracked housings where the quill clamp slit ends. I guess this is a weak point. The H & R unit I ended up buying had a thicker cast iron housing than the Bridgeport brand unit so maybe it's a little stronger. What is it people are doing, or forgetting to do that winds up breaking them? I intend to only use it with R8 collets and end mills, not with the horizontal milling arbor.

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I have one on the shelf. I'll take a close look at it. My first thoughts are cracks from overtightening the clamp screws.


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It could also be from forgetting to loosen the spreader set screw in between the two clamp bolts

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James P Crombie

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