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I have a Palmgren milling attachment,Model 250 ( also sometimes called a "vertical slide") in excellent condition for sale. It looks like a vise mounted on a z-axis track and can be adjusted vertically to .001" to place your work piece at the correct position for milling on the lathe. It fits a 9 to 12 inch lathe.

Only used a few times on my SB10K lathe before I got a mill/drill. I would like to get $130. US for it. If interested, email me at pmerriam "at" and I can send you some photos. I am located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Peter Merriam
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Don't sell it if you don't need the money.

  1. When I only had one milling machine, I had to make some adapters to mount a new motor ... needed a mill to fix a mill... my vertical slide came in really handy.
  2. There have been several occassions where I used the vertical slide as a tool post or as a work holder in the lathe.

Now, with a horizontal and vertical mill and a drill press with an XY table .. I still won't give up my vertical slide.. you just never know when you'll want that third degree of freedom.


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Boris Beizer

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