Sieg C6B Milling attachment

I've got the lathe and am thinking of buying the attachment - has any one any experience or comments please?

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I have the C6B and use a seperate mill. The attachment is based on the Sieg X2 and general views I've seen say the X1 is better. Personally, on what I've read, I'd buy a standalone X1L or better still the X3 if you have the room. The X1 has a long table option so capacity is similar to the X2.

This is the X1L, you can find the X2 on the same site.

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I did buy the milling table for my C6B to give me Tslots on the Cross slide to support larger boring jobs etc.

The X1 and X2 mills are very well known, so you should find plenty of support here and in other forums (fora?)

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