C3 Mini Lathe Milling Attachment Questions

My C3 Lathe arrives tomorrow! Meanwhile I've been getting the milling attachment in a fit state to use. Has anyone got experience of stripping down a C3 Milling Attachment? Here's a photo:

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Beneath the graduated aluminium ring near the top of the photo is a dark steel block containing a bearing. I've rinsed bits of swarf out of it with paraffin, but it doesn't appear to easily dismantle, making thorough cleaning and regreasing difficult. Any advice on this problem? Also, the graduated aluminium ring rotates with the handle but can also be turned by hand independently. This 'slip fit' is controlled by curved spring wire. Should there be just one piece, or have I lost the other? Cheers, Scrim

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I have a similar one for the C6. I haven't stripped it down to clean the gunk off though. The limitation the thing has is that it does not swivel around the axis perpendicular to the saddle, meaning you can't work opposite sides(ends) of a part.

I wanted to use mine to drill the 3 centres on each end of a crankshaft I'm attempting and it's not possible with this and had to use a tilt/swivel milling vice on the lathe instead.

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