Just brought one of these on ebay, and would like to buy a moving steady and a fixed steady, but I can't find any company selling these parts.

Does anyone kow where I could order these parts, or if anyone rebrands this lathe in the UK

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Probably not that hard to make, or modify from another machine, as long as one way is tracked/fitted more-or-less accurately, because the final fit is "dialed in" anyway. You could even weld something up, as long as the way part and the three rollers on the work are OK. Of course, I ain't done this...

I've got a really well-set up Enco (no, not oxy-moronic!), w/ a steady/follower; mebbe you could try one from them on your machine; I'm sure they'd be able to give basic dimensions so you'd know what you'd have to modify. Or Jet, mebbe Grizzly, etc. Or g-d ebay....

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The ML-C3 is sold in the UK by Machine Mart, branded by Clarke as the C300

The Clarke lathe is just a diffrent colour, and doesn't include the RPM gauge.

Also worthy of note is the electrics are in the box the auto advance thread runs thru, and this should have a rubber grommet fitted, if it doesn't then the water based cutting fluid gets into the box and is turned into steam by the MOSFET cooling fins, then the steam settles on everything electrical.

The Clarke version in the cataloghe looks like it is missing this grommet as well (mine was loose in the electric box.


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