combine points to a fluent line

I have a serious problem and perhaps there is somebody who can help
First of all, sorry for my incorrect English, but I do my best!
I have to copy a piece with a special irregular form! I want to do it
with a CNC mill! I have 130 points of that form and want to connect
those points with a fluent line that is constructed only by Circles
and straight lines! Only straight lines or pieces of circles that
connect the points as good as possible. I only can program the machine
Can I do it with Autocad or Solidworks?
And if so, can you give a short explanation how it can be done?
Thanks a lot!
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If you want one entity to do it you have to use a POLYLINE. You will need to specify the radii of each arc segment, but it could be done with one command if you are *very* good!
An easier way would be to draw separate lines and arcs until you have it just the way you want it, and then use the PEDIT command to combine the various bits into one POLYLINE.
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Michael Bulatovich
What kind of mill are you using?
I use the old blue HURCOS.
I have developed a routine in Auto Lisp which picks endpoints points of lines and centers of circles in sequencial order on the milling path. The output is a numbered point, an 'x' value and a 'y' value.
If you need additional information email me and put Hurco in the subject line.
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Stan Dornfeld

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