DIM anotations (the numbers) not printing

I am using AutoCAD 14, at home, and my files print well on my
HP office ink jet, everything but the annotations in the
dimensions... the dim lines show fine, other text shows well.
I spend a few hours trying to find a confuration error and
reading the help section, all seem OK, the dims show on the
monitor just fine, I can adjust height etc ...but they dont
I think its some sort of problem with the printer not being
able to read the dimension annotation and print them..
does that sound about right.
Ive sent other files out by email to a graphics printer and
the dims printed OK there on other drawings.
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Phil Scott
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just for fun, explode one and see if that prints.
and / or, is your annotation using the same font? maybe it is a font not supported by this printer.
can't remember 14 very well, been a few years.
work around. if you can print to a pdf file try that, then print the pdf from acrobat.
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