Printing OLE

Work computer upgraded - very nice machine.
Excel link plotting - very bad.
Here's my sad tale of woe.
AutoCAD 2005
Excel 2007
Linked spreadsheets into modelspace through regular OLE dialog box.
Printed fine out of modelspace, but printing out of paperspace (layout)
- caused solid black boxes.
So I opened a previous drawing that had linked Excel files that I had
printed several months ago and it printed just fine. (AutoCAD 2005,
Excel 2003)
So o o o Then I got the bright idea (at least I thought it would be
bright) to link the spreadsheets into paperspace. Well, they linked
just fine, but still printed nice, very nice, black boxes.
So what am I doing wrong? I thought maybe the problem is that Excel is
too new, but then the older drawing wouldn't have printed, would it have?
Have 16 electrical panel spreadsheets to link - don't have time to
physically recreate all of those panel schedules in AutoCAD.
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