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Hello all, here I am back again after 13 days off line. Most of that I was
away, but then had a string of stuff to do & only now have got around to
clearing my 2,500+ e-mails, 250 of which needed reading.
Done that now.
The Military Odyssey show at Detling has a militaria background and is now
the largest show of its kind in the world - I believe ..... There was a lot
of military vehicle stuff there and plenty of continental folk selling stuff
from Germany and points east. I found no less than three inverted DKW two
stroke Wermacht generators, none of which had their generators, just the
engine. I'd really like one of they, having British and American engines
from that period. But at £100 for the best of them (in its box, all complete
apart from the electrikery bit), I decided he could pack it up and take it
home again, which was exactly what he was doing when I appeared and offered
him thirty quid - but no joy.
Ah well.
However, I did find a stall selling all sorts of bits and bobs & bought four
ex WD rotary converters of various sizes (all now checked and working) , an
aircraft gyro test set complete with cable that plugs into my Smiths
Autopilot, a boxed 8" voltmeter that measures between 6 and 18.50 kv, a twee
little avionics gyro (that needed some delicate work on the slip ring brush
knives) that might be 1960's ballistic missile equipment, an instrument
panel mounted gyro compass, complete with internal gyro and a very complete
(including instruction book) 1954 Geiger counter. All for less than forty
quid the lot.
Anyone have any suggestions how I might go about finding out what voltage
the gyro motors run at? I know 28 volts is nominal, but I'd hate to find out
the hard way that they are a lot lower than that ;o((
I have a long term plan for running the ex-B17 Homelite APU generator to
produce 28 volts and using the current to drive a gyro attached to a pivoted
plank. The idea is to develop a safe inter-reactive public display item to
demonstrate how an aircraft gyro compass works.
For cheap work clothes "Drop Zone" was selling a
HUGE pile of stuff at three quid a go. I ended up buying three jackets (one
summer weight, one winter weight with fleecy liner and one for the Son), a
fleece, sweater, rubberised poncho, scruffy leather jacket and two enormous
kit bags to shove it all in.
A visit to B&Q in Canterbury earlier in the week discovered that they were
selling 1,200 watt circular saws, 800 watt pendulum jig saws and 1,200 watt
mitre saws for thirty quid each. I promptly bought one of each and the
circular and mitre saws were in pretty constant use for three days, being
well used and occasionally abused. They showed no sign of strain, heat or
smell of hot insulation. How someone can make even the nicely machined bed
of the mitre saw, let alone the whole thing for thirty quid is beyond me -
and all three have sighting lasers that are a bit dim in bright sunlight -
but hey, watta you want? If you have a handy B&Q, I'd nip down there this
weekend and see if there's any left!
Whilst tidying the outhouse today, I found a small SV lawn mower type engine
(perhaps 1970's) that I thought I'd lost. In view of recent comments in this
and other forums, I thought I'd get it going, paint it black, mount it on a
bit of plank and run up a hugely detailed and entirely spurious sign
defining it as an ex SBS APU as used to drive the compressors used in
inflating the fast attack boats. Gosh, I could even fix it up with a BTH
compressor ..........
Gotta take yer fun where you can find it these days ;o))
Kim Siddorn,
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Ah, so rumours of your demise while towing a supertanker engine on a sack barrow with an Isetta were exaggerated ;-)
I keep promising myself a trip to Detling MO but have again managed to miss it. Anything interesting being shown with appropriate power source?
I was flicking through some back copies of SEM the other day and came across Mike Diprose's article on the Enfield powered Bofors gun set (April 2001) for which he apparently had an original Kerrison Predictor. I have written to him expressing an interest and sent an copy of the military gen sets paper which has a fair amount of background on the unit, but as yet had no reply. Nor have I from the guy who suggested the Marconi-Stanley engine may have driven APU on A-W Ensign.
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Nick H

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