I made dodecahedron, but I can't count volume of it, bacuase
Autocad says:) that it's not region or solid, so how can i change it?
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Ok .......
Then try this one ....... draw a pentagon/polyline then extrude this a distance of 1.113516 multyplied by the length of the edge of the pentagon and taper at an angle of 31.71747441° .
This will give you one twelfth of the total volume. Use copy and align to position a copy of this pentagon based pyramid then array etc ....
This is not absolutely perfect but the error is very small.
Regards ............. David
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You guys don't realize that regular geometry follows an ALGORITHM?!? It's as easy as PI, HELLO!
Or for a more accurate answer, you may wish to translate the FORMULA on Eric Rowland's site to lisp, then solve dodecahedrons of any size :-)
formatting link

I am strating to see this as the norm for a newsroup that caters to an overpriced 2D CAD program.
Really sad for an "engineer's" newsgroup, guys.
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I'm not sure if this will work but have you tried the "Region" command, after creating the dodecahedron?
after turning it into a region, then try the volume.
It's worth a try.
Dan s.
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Dan S.

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