CAD Mapping Tools

Hi Group,
Years ago, there was a set of mapping utilities put together by Fred Weaver
and I'm wondering if they are still available and if they have been updated
at all? I'd be interested in talking to Fred about this, so Fred if you are
out there, please give me a shout? Alternatively, if anyone can help me get
in touch with him, that would be much appreciated.
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HiHO; I have a copy of "Cad Mapping Tools" from Fred. I would like to hear from him also. My name is Jiro and I worked in the survey biz for fifty years with some of the same folks that Fred did. If your out there Fred, HiHo and drop me a line at The last person I knew that talked to Fred was Dennis Shinn about 1996 or so. My how time goes on by.
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