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Hi There, I am using R14 and some time ago I did a drawing in Imperial sizes. I wanted to modify the drawing only I wanted to change the whole drawing to metric. I have tried help which was no help, so can any body please put me on the right track if that is possible. Any help will be appreciated.

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It depends on "how metric" you really want it to be. If you just want all the dimensions to read metric units, tinkering with the dimension style and updating all the dimensions could be enough. Whoever works on such a drawing would have to keep in mind the difference between the units entered and those annotated. (I do this often because wood products here are imperial and the laws are all metric.)

If you want a truely metric drawing, then you'll have to scale the all the entities in the drawing by an appropriate factor, then revise all your dimension style and update all dimensions, and finally rescale all vieports.

To go from inches to millimeters as "units" scale by 25.4 To go from inches to meters use 0.0254


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