(Entmod)ing an mlstyle

I am using the following code to try to change all mline entities to bylayer color. I am getting nil returned on all entmods except for the "Standard"
style. This is my first time dealing with dictionarys and must be missing something key.
(defun temp () (setq named_object (entget (cdr (assoc -1 (dictsearch (namedobjdict) "acad_mlinestyle"))))) (repeat (length named_object) (if (= (car (car named_object)) 350) (progn (setq ml_style (entget (cdr (car named_object)))) (repeat (+ 1 (setq ml_style_count (- (length ml_style) 1))) (if (= (car (nth ml_style_count ml_style)) 62) (setq ml_style (subst (cons 62 256) (nth ml_style_count ml_style) ml_style)) ) (setq ml_style_count (- ml_style_count 1)) ) (princ (entmod ml_style)) ) ) (setq named_object (cdr named_object)) ) )
Any direction is appreciated. Thanks Cliff
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