faint lines in mtext

I have numerous seats of ACAD2000 -- all installations are identical;
however, in ONE of those machines, if I try to edit MTEXT, the letters
are incredibly faint (regardless of background colour). Almost no
combination of colours renders them legible so that it is easy to
edit. This is not a monitor issue, since I have tried another monitor
and it does the same thing. Does anyone have any ideas about what
might be the problem?
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Paul Stone
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*Right click on desktop* *Display Properties* *Appearance* *Effects* Remove the check from "use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts"
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S. Scalise
LOL, been using autocad for a very long time now and *still* learning new stuff :)
S. Scalise wrote:
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Greg Young
Thanks a million, took 5 seconds, works like a charm.
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Paul Stone

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