Girls Softball League Snack Bar

I am the President of a girls softball league in California. Recent
increases in scrutiny by the health department has all local leagues
scrambling to bring snack bar facilities up to date. Our league has decided
to bulldoze and construct a new snack bar.
Where can I find architectural drawings of a snack bar that we can use to
solicit funding. We want to include attached boys and girls bathrooms to a
snack bar that is capable of preparing hot dogs, nachos, cheese dip
pretzels, chicken rice bowls, and other similar foods. I would say the snack
bar size would be about fifteen to twenty feet long by about ten feet wide.
It will need sinks, drains and other such items to meet health department
We are a non-profit organization and do not want to fund custom drawing
preparation. I'm looking for something that is in the public domain that we
can use as a strawman for the board. Our need is urgent.
Any help will be very much appreciated.
WC (Bill) Bowling
Simi Valley Girls' Softball
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You should probably find a local supplier/manufacturer of pre-fabricated buildings. They could probably take care of most of that for you, if they trust you'll buy the thing from them once you get your funding.
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