Square bar?

I'm looking for a couple of feet of EN19 or EN24 square bar, 10mm or
3/8", available online or by post - any ideas?
Either it's hard to come by or my google-fu is weak today ..
-- Peter Fairbrother
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Peter Fairbrother
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Have you tried Devizes Steel, just down the road from you at Sells Green?
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In article , Peter Fairbrother writes
It's certainly available from large steel stockholders, see for example
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Probably one of the more obliging retailers could get some for you - try Mallard or Noggin End. I have found the guy at Mallard Metals to be quite obliging at getting bits of EN24T (but only in round) for me in the past.
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David Littlewood
M=Machine their service is excellent
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Try Macready's (Niagara/Acenta) in Southampton. When I wanted some En19 round they were actually cheaper including a courier than my local place could do. Richard
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Richard Shute

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