Looking for 1/2 inch square nylon bar

Hi folks,
I'm looking for about 12 inches of 1/2 inch square nylon bar. It's to
make some new feet for an art deco Scotch tape dispenser. I've tried my
usual suppliers but can't find any.
Does anyone have a piece to spare? I'd prefer natural nylon as opposed
to some lubricant-impregnated kind. Colour is unimportant. In fact, it
needn't by nylon so long as it's machinable, not too brittle and not too
Anyone got a piece to spare? If so, let me know your price including
shipping to England. I can pay with PayPal or UK cheque. E-mail me at
snipped-for-privacy@cantabgold.net if you can help.
Many thanks,
Chris Tidy
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Christopher Tidy
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