Hyperlink property - displaying photos

When I put a path to a JPG file in an entity's hyperlink property and then
control-click it, ACAD 2006 launches the "Microsoft Photo Editor" program.
The problem is that the program seems to get stuck in minimized mode - it
shows up at the bottom of the screen, but you can't unminimize it. It's
just stuck there.
I'm using a program called Robogeo to create the links and I don't think
it's the problem. All it seems to do is geocode images from a GPS unit and
then put the local paths into the hyperlink property.
How can I force AutoCAD 2006 to use my normal JPG viewing program, i.e. the
one that's "associated" with JPG files on my system? Maybe it won't get
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Ted McClain
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Ted McClain a écrit :
Hello Are you sure that you have associated I.E to both JPEG and JPG extensions ?
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When you tell Robogeo to use URLs for the image paths, ACAD loads the images just fine in the default web browser.
My problem is when the paths to the JPG files are local (the web browser never comes into play). I would expect AutoCAD to use the application that's associated with JPG files on my system (Paint Shop Pro) and not force-feed Microsoft's (crappy) graphics program on me.
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Ted McClain

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